Memorial complex to composer A.Zhubanov and monument-bust to G.Zhubanova.

Type of the monument: Monumental art structure

Date of monument: 2006-2007

Location: Aktobe city, Victory avenue, 31; square of the City House of Culture

Historical information: Akhmet Kuanovich Zhubanov (1906-1968) is the outstanding scientist, researcher of Kazakh music, famous composer and conductor. He is the People’s artist of Kazakhstan, doctor of arts, professor and academician. He was born on April 29, 1906 in Temir district of Aktobe region. A. Zhubanov is a figure, who showed persistence in the study and systematic propaganda of the Kazakh musical culture.

Gaziza Zhubanova (1927-1993) – composer, professor, people’s artist of Kazakhstan and USSR. She is the daughter of the founder of Kazakh modern music A.Zhubanov.

Monument description: The monument to the composer A.Zhubanov is cast in bronze, he is portrayed in a conductor’s suit in front of the piano, in the right hand a conductor’s stick. The sculpture is set on a stone pedestal, lined with pink granite. Its length is 2.9 m, width – 1.4 m, trapezoidal height – 1.55 m, height of the arches – 5.2 m, horizontally – 2.9 m. To the left of the monument on a semicircular pedestal with an overall diameter of 38.0 m and lined with 4-stepped pink granite are 7 columns covered with light marble 7 m high.

There are 7 columns 7 m high covered with light marble to the left of the monument on a pedestal semicircular shape with a total diameter of 38.0 m and lined with 4-stepped pink granite.

Sculptor: E.Sergebayev, architect: Zh.Ainabekov. 

Sculptor: Zh.Kenbai.