Complex monument to composer A. Zhubanov and monument-bust G. Zhubanova

The Akhmet Zhubanov Memorial Complex was opened in 2006 for the 100th anniversary of the great Kazakh composer. The monument is located opposite the city house of culture. The memorial complex is a stone pedestal lined with red granite slabs, on which there is a bronze figure sitting in front of a grand piano. The total height of the monument is 5.2 m. On the left side of it there are seven columns with a height of 7 m. They are installed on a 4-step pedestal in the form of a semicircle with a diameter of 38 m. To the left of the columns, opposite the figure of the composer, there is a monument-bust of his daughter Gaziza Zhubanova. There is an open area in front of the monument, which is suitable for concerts and creative events. There is a fountain and a public garden nearby. The authors of the complex are a sculptor, professor at the National Academy of Arts named after T. 

Akhmet Zhubanov is a composer, musicologist, teacher, conductor, musical and public figure. His services in Kazakh musical culture are immeasurably great. He was born in the Kosuaktam tract on the territory of the present Temir district of the Aktobe region. Having received several musical educations, Akhmet Zhubanov became not only an amazing musician, composer and art worker, but also an innovator of his time, a researcher of Kazakh folk and modern music, theater and performing arts. He compiled the first “musical primer” in the Kazakh language, organized a music room and an experimental workshop to improve Kazakh folk instruments. In 1934 Zhubanov created an ensemble of dombra players, on the basis of which the Kazakh State Order of Friendship of Peoples orchestra of folk instruments arose. Kurmangazy. Zhubanov contributed to the opening of the Kazakh State Philharmonic. Zhambyla, was a member of the board of the Union of Composers of the USSR, a member of the organizing committee of the Union of Composers of Kazakhstan. Zhubanov successfully combined his research, musical, social and pedagogical activities with active creativity, making a great contribution to Kazakh professional music. He is the author of many works of various genres that have received recognition and love of the people. Among them are symphonic works and operas, instrumental and choral compositions, songs and romances, music for dramatic performances and films. For example, the music for G. Musrepov’s play “Kozy-Korpesh – Bayan-Sulu”, for the film “Amangeldy” (co-authored with MF Gnesin), for the dramatic performances of M. Akinzhanov “Isatay-Makhambet”, M. Auezov ” Abai “and others.