Mausoleum of Omar-tama

Form of the monument: Urban planning and architecture

Date of monument: middle of ХІХ century

Location of monument: Irgiz region, in 3 km to south from Shenbertal village

Historical background: The monument was studied in 1987 by ethnographic expedition of History, ethnology and archeology Institute named after Sh. Ualihanov (Head – S. Azhigali).

The famous architect Yrshym by name from shekty family managed the construction of mausoleum.

Description of monument: Mausoleum built as a octagon erected from adobe brick, and outside lined with fired brick. The inner surface is plastered with clue and bleached. The Arabic symbols on the wall written with red paint. The remaining height of the monument is 6,20 m.

The mausoleum Orama tama – the unique sample of steppe architecture of North of the Aral Sea region.