Mausoleum of Omar-tama

The name of the monument:
 Mausoleum of Omar-tama

Typological affiliation: Urban planning and architecture

Dating of the monument: the middle of the 19th century.

Location of the monument: 3 km. south of the village of Schönbertal.

Historical information:

Description and characteristics of the monument: A  centric, sub-square in plan (8.30 x 8.30 m) dome structure with a slightly pronounced southeastern facade – an archivolt above the entrance opening with a kind of parapet above it. The monument is built of adobe bricks and faced with burnt bricks. The surfaces of the interior are plastered and whitewashed. The composition of the mausoleum is based on the juxtaposition of a squat quadrangle and a drum resting on it with a sphero-conical dome. The design of the dome, laid out using the false vault technique, is based on a tiered system of transition from square to circle. In the massif of the southeastern wall, a small chamber is arranged – a “cache”.

The preserved height of the monument is 6.20 m.