Zhanys мausoleum

Type of monument: Sacral object

Date of monument: Middle of XIX century

Location: Aktobe region, Irgiz district, 2.6 km west-south-west of Kurylys village

Research: the monument was first researched in 1980 by the expedition of the KazRESTAVRATIYA association of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR (headed by S.Azhigali). The mausoleum was restored in 2009-2011. In the book of an ethnologist, archaeologist, doctor of historical sciences, professor, correspondent member of the International Academy of Architecture of Eastern Nations S.E. Azhigali “Kazak kiiz ui”, published in London, the Zhanys mausoleum is defined as a “mausoleum in the form of eight-winged yurt, preserved in the Kazakh steppe”.

Brief description: The mausoleum is known as a cultural heritage monument not only in the country, but also abroad. It is an octagonal symmetrical mausoleum. The builder of the monument is considered to be the national architect Meirbek, who built the mausoleum by the order of Zhanys bi during his lifetime. The mausoleum is built in a prominent place, with special skill distinguishing the monument from other constructions.

Legend: Zhanys bi Sygaiuly was a bi of the Tortkara family clan. From an early age he was engaged in the management of the people of the Irgiz region. He was the chief judge in major disputes between the clans. He had a seal of the Zhanys Kulaman family clan of the Altai branch, which was recognized by the Russian tsarist authorities. The seal preserved until the 50s and 60s of the last century.

Zhanys bi is a famous bi recognized by the people as a saint. Zhanys bi mausoleum is popularly known as “Kyzyl tam” (“Red grave”). This mausoleum is considered among the people to be a place of worship (sanctuary) and has become a holy place. People going on a long journey and expecting good wishes to fulfill, come to mausoleum and worship the spirit of the holy bi, the sick people come here to stay overnight. Zhanys Sygaiuly lived in 1769-1867, he was naturally intelligent and a true spokesman, saint and a fair bi. People called Zhanys a leader and a wise bei.