Memorial Complex to the Hero of the Soviet Union A. Moldagulova

Date of monument: 2005

Form of monument: Monumental art object

Location of monument: Aktobe city, junction of streets Zhubanov’s brothers and A. Moldagulova Avenue

Historical background: Moldagulova Aliya Nurmukhamedovna was born on June 15,1925 in Bulak village of Kobda area of Aktobe oblast in the family of Nurmukhamed Sarkulov and Marzhan Moldagulova. On June 4, 1944 Moldagulova Aliya Nurmuhamedovna was awarded the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union. She is awarded by an order of Lenin. Aliya is buried in Monakovo village of Novosokolniki region of Pskov oblast.

Description of the monument: The monument has an area of 830.0 square meters. On the western side, two semi-spherical bas-reliefs show the history of the Kazakh people. The bas-relief is 2 meters high and 13.8 meters long. The height of the bronze sculpture is 3.5 meters; the height of the pedestal faced with granite is 2.43 meters. A soldier’s sack and helmet cast in bronze are placed on the stylobate.

During military service the girl has destroyed 78 soldiers and officers of the opponent. In January 1944 Aliya Moldagulova was fatally injured in a battle near the town of Novosokolniki in Kalinin (Tver) region. The memorial complex was erected in 2005 in honour of Aliya Moldagulova’s 80th anniversary.

Sculptor B. Abishev, E. Sergebaev. Architect V. Katsev, Zh. Ainabekov.