Monument-bust of Monke bi Tileuula

Form of monument: Monumental art object

Date of monument: 2003

Location of monument: Aktobe city, park down the street of 101 rifle brigade

Historical background: Monke bi (1675-1756) was born on the territory of Shalkar region. He was a famous bi, a visionary, one of the advisers of Abulkhair Khan, zhyrau. He is not only famous in the steppe history, but also in the steppe mentality and cognition, philosophy, aesthetics, poetry, as a continuer of the traditional way from the time of Asan Kaigy. Monke bi has a special place in steppe poetry and national philosophy.

Description of monument: Monument-bust of Monke bi Tleuuly (height – 1.3 m), made of light granite stone. Size – 0.64 m x 0.88 m, height – 2.62 m. The base of monumental sculpture is a four-stored stylobate faced with granite of grey colour.

Sculptor: K. Yegizbaev, architect: B. Yegimbaev.