Monument-bust to Lieutenant General Zh. Kereev

Built in 1999, the city of Aktobe, on the boulevard on the street. Kereeva, opposite the railway station building. Zhansen Kereev was born in 1930 in the village of Babatai, Temir district, Aktobe region. Since his childhood took place during the war years, he was forced to leave school to become a postal worker. The difficulty of this work was spreading the tragic message. After the end of the war, he continued his studies at boarding school No. 6 in Aktobe and graduated from school at the age of 20. He served in the Kuril Islands. In 1951-1953, on the recommendation of commanders, he studied at the infantry school in Blagoveshchensk. In 1953-1956 he did military service near Chita. In 1956-1962 he worked in the Soviet group on service in the German Democratic Republic. In 1962 he entered the Military Academy. MV Frunze, and graduated with honors in 1965. His name was recorded at the Academy. He was the only Kazakh to be included in this list. And the first Kazakh who graduated from this educational institution. Then he was sent to the Leningrad Military District, where he served until 1971. In 1971 he entered the Military Academy at the General Staff, in 1973 he graduated from the rank of colonel. He was the commander of the 27th Guards Moto-Rifle Order. In 1979-1982 he was the chief of staff and a military member of the Volga Military District. In 1982 he was appointed to the post of the Supreme Councilor of the Vietnamese People’s Army. After returning to the USSR in 1983, he fell ill and died in the hospital. Burdenko in Moscow. Buried in Almaty with the mediation of D. Kunaev. After his death in 1983, he was awarded the highest military order of the Patriotic War of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The monument consists of a sculpture, a pedestal and a stylobate. Rectangular stylobate, length 160 cm, width 148 cm. consists of small granite blocks. In the center there is a stand 390 cm high. The black granite sculpture depicts Lieutenant General M. Kereev in military uniform. The total height of the monument is 500 cm. Authors: kulptor B. Abishev, architect B. Egimbaev.