Place of the Zharmola fair

Name of the monument: Place of the Zharmola fair

Typological affiliation: Urban planning and architecture

Dating of the monument: 1870

Location of the monument: Irgiz district, Irgiz village

Historical information: In the Irgiz region, a weak economy that does not have a scattered economic system, a technical base of a feudal society, has turned trade into the mainstay of existence. As a result, a ray of Russian capitalism rises in the steppe life, and the Kazakhs begin to accept the fragile Russian trading system of Russia. It was during this period that Irgiz moved from different sides, and the population was increasing. This shows the demography of one county in 1911. The county akims of the tsarist government, who consistently understood the influx of speculative traders of every nationality into the settlement of the indigenous population, quickly developed stable shops, fairs and a frequently held exchange platform. The largest trade fair was opened on November 19, 1870 in Irgiz. The fair was held twice a year from 6 to 20 June and from 25 to 8 October.

These outlets are often attended by major god chi and Russian traders from Orenburg, Moscow, Nizhgoroda, Bukhara , the steppes of Sary-A RCT and Syr Darya.

Description and characteristics of the monument: