School of working youth

Object name and date: school for working youth, 19th century

Location: Aktobe region, Uilsky district, 5 km north-east of the village. Karakemer.

Description: the school of working youth is one of the ancient architectural monuments of the Uilsky district located on the left bank of the river. Will, 1 km northwest of the bend of this river.

The monument was originally built as a 2-grade Russian-Kazakh school in the second half of the 19th century. Kumisbaev Mendibay. Consists of three buildings: two educational, one economic. All school buildings are built of red baked bricks. Educational buildings are absolutely the same in architecture and size. They are one-storey buildings located in parallel at a distance of 30 m from each other and oriented in a long direction along the north-south axis. Each building has two doorways and eight window openings. Their length is 29.11 m (including entrance vestibules), width is 17.15 m, height is about 7 m.

Perpendicular to the training corus (to the north) at a distance of 21 m, a third building was built, intended for household needs. It is also a one-story building with a long side oriented along the west-east axis. Its length is 27 m, width is 6.6 m.

The school functioned until 1952, from the mid 50s to the 70s of the XX century. was transferred to a sanatorium. At present, this monument is known among the local population as a “sanatorium” or “Kyzyl Mektep” (red school).