The grave of the noble prospect Sh. Bersiev and the memorial “Dank munarasy”

The name of the object and the date: the grave of the noble prosvod Sh. Bersiev and the memorial “Dank munarasy”, 1947

Location: Aktobe region, Uilsky district, pos. Karatal.

Description: the monument on the grave of Sh. Bersiev is a gravestone made of adobe bricks, plastered with cement mortar, on the front side of the gravestone there is a bronze memorial plaque with the text “Noble prospector Shaganak Bersiev (1881-1944)”. The tombstone is fenced with a baked brick fence, on the northwest side of which an obelisk is installed. The entire monument is surrounded by a metal fence.

Not far from the grave, away from the cemetery, there is a mausoleum built in honor of Sh. Bersiev. This is a rounded structure made of baked bricks, which in its appearance resembles Kazakh mud-brick mausoleums of the Uytam type. The circle of walls rises to the level of 1.30 m, then immediately the laying of a false-vaulted dome begins. In the southwestern wall of the mausoleum there is a slightly protruding portal with an arched passage. At the edges of the portal there are bypass stairs, the left of which leads up to the dome where the platform is located. A panel with niches runs through the interior, and the surface of the dome is decorated with reliefs in the form of millet ears. The entire surface of the monument is plastered and whitewashed. Outside, the mausoleum is fenced with a metal fence. The outer diameter of the walls is 5.2 m, the maximum height is 4.4 m.

The mausoleum was built in 1947.