The mausoleum of Isatay batyr

Name of the monument: the mausoleum of Isatay batyr

Typological affiliation: sacred object

Dating of the monument: end of the 19th century (2014)

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Khobdinsky district, 9 km south-south-east of the village of Kil.

Historical information: Isatay Taimanov is a people’s batyr, political leader, heroic leader of the popular uprising of Western Kazakhstan in 1836-1838. Isatay Taimanov was born in 1791 in the Atyrau region, Kyzylkoginsky district, in the Taisoigan sands in the Taiman Zhaly area. A mausoleum was erected in the Sheitsay necropolis in 2014 over the grave of Isatai batyr.

Description and characteristics of the monument: The height of the mausoleum is 11.5 meters, width – 6 meters. Inside the mausoleum, the years of the life of   Isatay Taimanov and his son, a portrait of Isatay, as well as poems by Makhambet “Arystan tugan Isatay, Degenine zhete almai, Armanda atip ketti dep, Қinalsagyz bizderge, Myk san rakhmet sizderge” are carved on the wall. The walls of the mausoleum are decorated in the Kazakh national style.