Abubakir Borankululy mausoleum

Type of monument: Sacral object

Date of monument: 2000

Location: Aktobe region, Alginsky district, Bolgarka village

Brief description: The mausoleum with hexagonal central single-chamber dome. It is built of white silicate brick combined with red brick. The six facets were erected as a fortress tower and covered with decorative pyramidal metal. A crescent moon is set above the dome. The length of the mausoleum is 3.95 m, width — 3.6 m and height — 6.5 m.

Historical information: Abubakir Borankululy was one of the most outstanding Kazakh poets of the second half of the ХІХ century. He was considered by many poets as a role model and teacher. His fame spread far beyond the borders of Kazakh lands and reached the countries of Central Asia.

The poet taught children in Tuztube, Uralsk, Orsk, Orenburg and Aktobe.  The verses of the erudite, politically astute and perfectly aware of the social situation of the society were popular among the people as a source of informative and comprehensive information. The people were proud of him and showed special respect. The poet’s poems had been published twice in Kazan before the October revolution, in 1903 and 1905. However, due to the ban of the Soviet authorities before independence there was no opportunity to talk about him and, therefore, publish his works. Everyone knows that not only Abubakir, but all poets of “tsar zaman” epoch were in a more difficult situation than Kazakh poets of previous times.

Abubakir’s genre heritage is diverse; it includes tolgau, arnau, lament, tokpe aitys, zhazba aitys, zhumbak aitys, satirical epigrams, odes, political, social and philosophical zhyrs, sad lyrical zhyrs, shezhyre, poems devoted to religious issues.

The famous aitys of Abubakir with the descendant of Dospambet zhyrau, Nogai Nurym, Alim Kozhakhmet, Karakalpak improviser Kulymbet have been preserved up to now.

All three akyns who participated in the aitys were one better than the other. For example, the Aktotobe resident Alim Kozhakhmet first studied at the mosque built by his father’s brother Hazret Zhakibay, then received training in Orenburg and Troitsk. He was one of the most literate people of his time, a mullah and a poet. His outlook and poetry was highly appreciated by Kerderi Abubakir. Aitys of akyn with Abubakir during his lifetime was publicly noted in the newspaper “Dala ualayaty”, № 23-24 dated 1900 under the title “Riddles told by Hozhakhmet to Abubakir”. Kozhakhmet also performed with prominent Kazakh poet Nurzhan Naushabayev.