Ahmet Khalfa Mosque

Object name and date: Ahmet Khalfa Mosque, early. XX century.

Location: Aktobe region, Temir district, Temir city.

Description: rectangular in plan (10×22 m) two-storey building oriented with the longitudinal axis along the north-south line. The walls of the mosque are made of processed concrete blocks of brown stone on a lime-cement mortar: there is a three-row block base. Above the northern façade, there is an 8-sided minaret with a wooden tent covered with sheet iron and completed by a cube with a crescent moon. A doorway to the building is arranged on the same facade. The semicircular apse of the mihrab stands out on the opposite facade. The plane of the walls is divided by two rows of windows and an interfloor cornice. The roof of the building was originally covered with sheet metal.

The interior of the building is three-part in plan, divided into groups of three transverse rooms. The second floor beams are supported by walls and faceted wooden columns with beams.