Aiteke bi monument

Type of monument: Monumental art structure

Date of monument: 2008

Location: Aktobe city, T.Akhtanov street, in front of the city akimat building

Historical information: Baibekuly Aiteke bi (1644-1700) is a statesman and public figure, who participated in the government of the Kazakh khans Tauke, Bolat, Sameke, Abilmambet and Abylai. He was a member of the Council of beis, created by Tauke Khan, a famous spokesman, the chief bei of Junior Juz, one of the creators of the code of laws, called “Zheti Zhargy”.

Monument description: The monument to Aiteke bi Baibekuly is cast in bronze (height – 4.25 m), dressed in a richly-cut robe of Kazakh beis and a sable hat, in his right hand he holds the text of the law “Zheti Zhargy” of Tauke Khan. The sculpture is established on the 4-step pedestal faced with pink granite and 4-step foundation of the total height of 4,0 m,

Sculptor: Zh.Zhubankosov.