“Aldiyar ishan” Mosque

Name: “Aldiyar ishan” Mosque

Type of monument: City planning and architecture

Date of monument: XIX век

Location: Aktobe region, Baiganin district, 7 km to the south-east from Karaulkeldy village

Description of monument: Newly built dome

Historical note: Aldiyar ishan Niyazuly(1839 – 1888) – lived in the XIX century. He is from akpan tribe, Adai people. He is a scholar of the religion, graduate of Kokiltash medrese in Bukhara, personality who maintained the mosque, established a medrese and engaged in children’s education. He taught a lot of talented pupils hereon. Besides teaching children, ishan was also engaged in treating patients. Ishan was held in high estimation having treated many patients and he was called as holy in his lifetime. Up to the present day, Aldiyar ishan is considered as holy and patients visit him.

In 1997, Saki Torembetuly and Uzakbay Kesikuly, the residents of Baiganin district refurbished the monument of  Aldiyar ishan and erected a mausoleum on it.