“Alpamys batyr” monument

Name: “Alpamys batyr” monument

Type of monument: Facilities of monumental art

Date of monument: 2018

Location: Aktobe region, Mugalzhar district, Kandagach town

Description of monument: Monument was erected at the hexagonal area with dimensions of 8,65 x 8,75 x 8,58 meters. The sculpture was erected on the trapezoidal pedestal. Length of pedestal is 3,02 meters, width is 7,03 meters, height is 4,370 meters. Sculpture of Alpamys batyr, frisking on Baishubar and brandishing a sword, made of glass mat, grade 600 and marble chips. Figurines of two lions were installed from both sides of “Alpamys batyr”  on the pedestal, consisting of состоящей four-sided figure with length of 2,02 meters, width of  4,01 meters, height of 3,370 meters. The columns are risen behind the monument. Total height of the monument is 11 meters.

Sculptor: А.Shukeyev.

Historical note: «Alpamys batyr» – is a heroic epos of Kazakh people. The combining and and polystage integrated concepts, world views, realities of various epoch are collected in epos. It is possible to appreciate here the realities starting from the epoch of Turkic kaganate  (V-VII centuries), heroic battles of Kalmyk invasion in XVII – XVIII centuries, fight for freedom. There are some episodic subjects of «Alpamys batyr» epos in some fairy tales of Kazakh people. These subjects are narrated as fairy tales for Tatar and Baskir people. Large artistic-poetic versions of poems can be found for Karakalpak, Uzbek people. Abovementioned illustrates the abundance of general Turkic features of “Alpamys batyr” epos reminding the  long suffering  fate of Turkic people.