Cemetery Zholay Zhusup

The name of the monument: Cemetery Zholay Zhusup.

Typological affiliation: urban planning and architecture

Dating of the monument: Mid and late 19th century

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Aytekebi district, 5 km north-east of the village of Karabutak.

Historical information: The Zholay burial ground is located in the village of Belkopa. The famous bi clan Tortkara, Zholay, Kultas, Zhanbakty. The rich man is known for his generosity, caring for the common people. Zholai’s property, where cattle grazed, stretched from  along the rivers Uy Mola, Kairakty , to Kazangap in  Taldyk. Some argue that Zholai had three thousand horses, while others assert that he had all five thousand horses. The real number of horses and the rich man Zholay himself did not know. If all the herds of the rich man’s horses at once come to the watering hole, then on the wide open spaces and shores of Lake Belkopa, there will be no place, and the apple has nowhere to fall. Zholay had a son named Zhusup. He was a very generous person. Any person, no matter what he asked, granted his request. Whether it was a request to borrow a horse or food for food, no one left empty-handed. And this Zhusup died very young. Since those times, a saying has become customary, they say: “If you are generous, you need to be like Zhusup.” Among those who were happy and lived in full prosperity, were enlightened, generous to the common people, and the best is, of course, Zhusup.

Description and characteristics of the monument: The burial ground is located in the village of Belkopa. The domed mausoleum was built of burnt bricks. The domed monument has been decorated with ancient architectural art. It is said that its time was very colorful. Now the burial ground is settling and collapsing.