Name: Church

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: II half of the XIX century

Location: Аktobe region, Temir district, Temir town, Abilkair khan street, 34

Description of monument: Right angled in plan (11,76 x 29,07 meters) building of longitudinal – axial structure oriented with axis length along the line of north-south. There are three entrance openings from southern, western and eastern parts, the latter one is  main. All interior surface is coated with blue color, traces of wall painting remained at the bottom of the chancel. The structure was zonated with socle along the bottom. A tier of window opening passes along the average height of the walls with semicircular finishing with archivolt, framed with iron stripes in  shaped arch. Top of the building is framed with complex cornice. Maximum height of the building is 13,25 meters.

Historical note: It describes one of the types of provincial place of worship of the end of  XIX century. Monument was set by expedition of NITsN «Kazrestavratsiya» of the Ministry of Culture of Kazakh SSR in 1979. It was examined for passportization by expedition of protecting monuments of history and culture of Kazakh SSR in 1984 (leader: S.I. Adzhigaliev).

The building was constructed in three stages: firstly – the northern premise with chancel, then main (central) premise and the last is the southern part of the structure consisting of two premises.