Complex monument to composer A. Zhubanov and monument-bust to G. Zhubanova

Object name and date: the complex is a monument to the composer A. Zhubanov and a monument-bust of G. Zhubanova. 2006, 2007

Location: Aktobe, Prospect Pobedy, 31, on the square of the building of the Aktobe Regional Philharmonic named after G. Zhubanova.

Description: it is a bronze figure, installed on a stone pedestal faced with red granite slabs in front of a royal of the same metal. The very figure of the composer is rendered in a seated position with a conductor’s baton in his right hand. The pedestal is trapezoidal in plan with a side length of 2.9 m, a height of 1.55 m, the total height of the monument is 5.2 m.

On the left side of the monument to A. Zhubanov there are seven 7 m high columns covered with white marble slabs. They are installed on a 4-step pedestal lined with red slabs in the plan forming a semicircle with a diameter of 38 m.

To the left of the columns, opposite the monument to A. Zhubanov, a monument-bust of G. Zhubanova was erected, installed on a pedestal 2.5×3.1 m, 3.4 high. The pedestal is concrete, the outside is faced with red granite tiles.

Sculptor: E. Sergebaev, architects: J. Ainabekov (2006) and Zh.T. Kenbai (2007).