Daumshar necropolis

Name of the monument: Daumshar necropolis

Typological affiliation: sacred object

Dating of the monument: late 18th century – early 20th century

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Bayganinsky district, 40 km south-west of the village of Zharkamys.

Historical information: Daumshar batyr (1770-1810) is one of the famous batyrs of the Caspian region. The life activity of Daumshar batyr, his heroic deeds are closely connected with such regions as Ustyurt, Emba and Sagyz. In the struggle against the Bashkirs, Turkmens, Khivans and the remnants of Kalmyks who wanted to seize these areas, he showed immortal heroism. One of the famous Alashevites Khalel Dosmukhamedov, highly appreciating the heroism of Daumshar, put him on a par with such eminent batyrs as Atagozy, Suinkara, Oten, Narymbay, Kulbarak, Japarberdi, Mynbai, Koktaubai.

Daumshar batyr, setting himself the task of protecting the Emba regions and the adjacent territories from foreigners, had many battles and more than once suppressed the will of the enemy. Daumshar batyr died in one of the clashes with a foreign expeditionary group passing along the left bank of the Emba River. It is still not clear what kind of group passed through these places. According to some sources, it could have been Russian topographers or an English exploration expedition. According to other sources, one of Perovsky’s armed detachments, moving towards Khiva, could pass here. As a result of the ensuing battle with the Daumshar batyr’s detachment, many people died on both sides. The followers of the Kazakh batyr and Daushar himself were buried in one place, which later received the name Daumshar necropolis. According to local aksakals, the remains of the opponents were buried in the lowlands,

Description and characteristics of the monument: the earliest (late 17th – early 20th centuries) is the northwestern part, where oval-shaped ragged limestone enclosures are concentrated. On the western side of the enclosures, rough-cut steles with tamgas are installed. The grave of Daumshar (object No. 200) is located in the same part of the necropolis.

The most prominent monuments of the burial ground are three mausoleums made of sawn blocks. Two of them are located in the northeastern part (objects No. 1, 40), another mausoleum of Myrza Muryn (object No. 175) is located in the north-western part of the monument. It is a rectangular monument with a pronounced southern facade, with a parapet and an air duct. Has a covered helmet-shaped dome. The interior of the building is decorated with bright patterns.