Duysenbi akhun mosque

The name of the object and the date: the mosque of akyn Duysenbi (Duisenbi), 19th century.

Location: Aktobe region, Irgiz district, 7 km north of the village. Zhaisanbai.

Description: the mosque of akyn Duisenbi (Duisenbi) is a significant cult monument in the Northern Aral Sea region, located at the opposite end of the river valley near the village. Zhaisanbay, Irgiz district, Aktobe region. The mosque was built in 1909-1913. masters invited from Orenburg (or Ufa), under the leadership of akyn (ishan) Dyuisenbi Imashuly from the Shomekey-toka clan at the expense of the local population.

The mosque is rectangular in plan (9.60 x 24.20 m), elongated along the north-east – south-west axis (deviation from the north-south – 40). The walls of the building are made of baked bricks, the ceiling was beam-log, later with a slate roof, now it is completely destroyed. An 8-sided minaret tower (total height 19 m) with a hipped dome covered with sheet iron rises above the north-eastern facade. On the opposite facade is the apse of the mihrab. The planes of the walls are dissected by niches, windows, blades, there are two doorways: in the southeastern and northeastern walls. The design of the overlapping of openings and windows is specific – bow and wedge “arches” of low rise, in which the influence of the architecture of more northern regions – the Volga region, etc. is felt. The interior of the building was originally divided into two rooms: one of them on the side of the minaret, where there was a wooden staircase, and the second was a large office building, in which there was a wooden minbar at the mihrab. The monument from the south and northeast is surrounded by the ruins of residential and household visits, among which are visible buildings where bricks were burned.