Grave of N. Baiganin

Nurpeis Akyn lived in the city of Aktobe from 1932 to 1945. Momyn introduced us to four addresses: the poet’s first house in Aktobe, house number 7 on Bershugur street. At the time, it was the center of Aktobe. And now in the house where the poet’s trace remained, in lamentable conditions. Then Nurpeis Akyn lived on one side of a two-apartment house, at 72 Zhankozha Batyr Street. After the poet became famous not only in the Aktobe region, but throughout the republic, he began to receive a large number of guests and the Baiganin family was given house 13 Herzen street. But due to the large number of visitors, this house also became cramped, and in 1942 the management gave it a six-room house with a wide yard. This house is located at st. Frunze (now – Zhankozha batyr street), building 32. After Nurpeis’s death in 1945, this house was considered the property of his family. Now in its place is a multi-storey building. The poet’s grave, in the old Kazakh-Russian mixed cemetery, near the city’s dairy plant, was left unattended. The area is overgrown with grass. In addition to the immediate descendants of the poet and responsible workers in the sphere of culture, for all, his grave was forgotten for all others.