Historical and architectural complex “Keruen-Saray”. Shopping arcade

Историко-архитектурный комплекс «Керуен-Сарай». Мечеть

The caravanserai is located in the village of Uil, Uilsky district. The building was built in the second half of the 19th century. during the Kokzhar fair. Local natural gypsum, earth and stone were used in the construction of the caravanserai. As local residents say, the construction was carried out by the British, the bricks were fired here.

It is known that the main provisions of the Kokzhar Fair were approved on September 7, 1866 by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia. The Kokzhar Fair was officially opened in 1867 in the Kazbek Volost of the Ural Region.

According to the stories of old-timers Uila, heard in childhood, there is a story that one day elephants were brought with a load to the Kokzhar Fair. Apparently, on the way to the fair, the elephants spent the winter in Yassy (now Turkestan), Tashkent, Khiva or Bukhara. The fair was attended not only by Kazakhs, but also by Karakalpaks, Bashkirs, merchants from Central Asia. Over time, merchants from India, Iran and European countries began to come to the fair. From the south, external relations were established with traders of Khiva, Bukhara, Turkmenistan and Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, from where caravans with goods arrived. Trade was mainly the exchange of goods. The Kazakhs exchanged livestock and livestock products (wool and animal skins, etc.) for goods of merchants who arrived at the Kokzhar fair: fabrics, dishes, sugar tea, dried fruits.

The fair was ranked 9th among the 13 largest fairs in Kazakhstan in terms of turnover. The building of the caravanserai is one of the few historical monuments that have survived from the era of colonialism.