“Kazakai Akhun” Mausoleum

Name: “Kazakai Akhun” Mausoleum

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: 2003

Location: Aktobe region, Khobda district, Kazakai village

Description of monument: Domic mausoleum was erected from silica brick. It is right angled in the plan, length is – 4,9 m, width is – 3,85 m. Total height of the mausoleum is – 5 meters. Four towers completed with dome are risen on four corners and large dome with half-moon is erected in the center. Mausoleum was built by his descendants in 2003.

Historical note: Kazi Akai Akhun (1711 – 1796) – is a religious leader. Kazi Akai (he was called as Kazakai among people) taught 40 pupils обfor religious canons, the following names was kept by people: Alshyn (Daulei) Karazhigit, Konakbai, a father of Karaul batyr, Zhanai molda. During tsar period he was deported to Russia from Dagestan due to political opinions. After the expiry of deportation period,  during Pugachev’s rebellion he moved to Kazakhstan, Shalkar district of Aktobe region.

Kazi Akai was buried in Saukaiyn area, Khobda district. The descendants of Kazakai built a mausoleum over his grave. Now this area is called after him.