Kok mosque of Abdollah Khazret

Name of the monument: Kok mosque of Abdollah Khazret

Typological affiliation: sacred object

Dating of the monument: late 19th century – early 20th century

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Baigannisky district, 10 km north-north-west of the village of Kopa, the village of Shibulak.

Historical information: Khazret Abdolla Zhanalyuly was born in 1855 in the town of Shibulak, Baganinsky district, Aktobe region, was an imam and taught children to read and write. He studied literacy in the Tatar mosques of Orenburg, received knowledge in the madrasah of the city of Ufa and raised his knowledge in the higher school of Bukhara. at the beginning of 1918, foreseeing the persecution of the people, he said “Allah forbid us to see such power.” Abdollah died at the end of 1918. Abdollah Hazret was buried on the territory of the mosque.

Description and characteristics of the monument: the mosque among the people is called “Kok mosque”. The reason for this was the construction of a mosque of blue stones brought from Samarkand. Since 1914, children have begun to study here. Until 1918, Abdollah Hazret was himself an imam. The mosque was destroyed around the 1930s and its bricks were used in various construction sites.