“Kok mosque of Moldagazy”

Name: “Kok mosque of Moldagazy”

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: Beginning of the ХХ century

Location: Aktobe region, Mugalzhar district, 2 km, 25 meters to the north-east from village Kozhasay, on the right bank of Zhem river.

Description of monument: The mosque as built from the burnt brick in a four-square project. Supplementary additional building using sun-dried brick was built in the northern part. Initially, a ceiling was erected from wood and covered with tin metal. It was called “kok meshit” as it was covered with green paint.

Length of the mosque is 18,780 meters, width is 7,570 meters, height is 4,500 meters. Inner design of the mosques was changed. Previous place of mihrab was laid with brick. Nowadays, there are 9 rooms in the building including additional building. 10 windows, 9 doors were preserved in the mosque.

Building of the mosque was used as meteorological station during the Soviet system. Necropolis of Kozhasay village is located at the opposite. Moldagazy ishan and his children were buried in burial site. Burial site of Sharip, a son of Moldagazy ishan  is located in the southern-eastern corner of the mosque.

Historical note: Information was obtained from the great grandchild of Moldagazy, Sharipov Zhasgas Gaigaddinoch, born in 1955.