Mass grave of soldiers who died during the Civil War

Object name and date: mass grave of soldiers who died during the Civil War.

Location: Aktobe region, Uilsky district, with. Will, st. Zholmyrzaev, in front of the building of the regional akimat.

Description: the monument is a rectangular obelisk, in the upper part turning into a banner. Lined with brown ceramic tiles. Its height is 9.9 m, the dimensions of the base are 1.22×0.47 m. It is installed on a square concrete pedestal with dimensions of 5×5 m and a height of 0.2 m. The pedestal is covered with gray ceramic tiles.

There is an inscription on the obelisk: “… The history of the liberated proletariat, which owes you freedom and happiness, will forever remember your glorious names …” Frunze.

Abramovich P. Baytakov E. Ibrashev D. Polyakov E. Yurochkin V.

Abdiev L. Bakaev B. Kulmanov Seitov M.

Amazonov L. Bedenko Kolesov N. Filimonov V.

Afanasyev A. Ganin P. Muranov Y. Shevkoplyas I.

On the reverse side of the stele, the text is in Kazakh. The obelisk was installed in 1977.