Mausoleum-complex Eset batyr Kokiuly

Name of the object and dating: mausoleum-complex of Eset batyr Kokiuly, XVIII-XX centuries.

Location: Aktobe region, Alginsky district, 3 km east of the village of Bestamak.

Description: the mausoleum-complex is located on the watershed of the right bank of the river. Eset and occupies a relatively flat area of ​​its southern end. The mausoleum was built on the territory of an ancient burial ground that functioned in the second half of the 1st millennium BC. Later, the same site was used for burials of the 19th-20th centuries, the places of which are distinguished by the accumulation of grave structures in the form of stone fences, which occupy mainly the eastern and southeastern half of the burial ground.

The mausoleum itself was erected in 1992 among the stone fences of the southeastern part of limestone blocks in honor of the commander and elder of the Kazakhs, the Younger zhuz of the clan Tama Eset batyr Kokiuly (1667-1749). The complex also includes a shyraksha house with a museum.