Mausoleum-complex Esetbatyr Kokuly

The famous Kazakh commander Eset batyr lived in 1807-1888. He was distinguished by incredible courage, fortitude, loyalty to principles and piety. For these qualities, he earned respect not only from his people, but also from his enemies. Yesset batyr was Abulkhair Khan’s assistant, fearlessly fought with the Dzungars, participated in the annexation of the lands of the Younger Zhuz to Russia. He lived for over 80 years, which is an incredible age for a warrior of yesteryear. After the death of Eset, the batyr was recognized as a saint, and his grave became a place of pilgrimage. For many years, the adobe grave of Eset batyr collapsed, and a memorial in its place appeared only in the 90s of the last century. Today, a mosque, a museum and a guest house have been built near the memorial at the burial site. In the memorial itself, believers come to pray, and priests to read suras from the Koran. Traditionally, pilgrims leave gifts in the form of scarves and money at the grave of Eset batyr. Address: Alga region, Bestamak village.