Mausoleum of Eset Daribay

Daribay Kotybaruly – who lived in the 19th century, the youngest son of the famous Kazakh batyr Kotybar Basenuly. Daribay Kotybaruly died in 1890. In 1891, a quadrangular dome-type mausoleum with a height of 6 m was erected for him from adobe brick. Time destroyed it. In 1993, a new mausoleum was built of silicate bricks, the same type as the mausoleum of Yeset .. The Daribai mausoleum is located in the Sholakzhide tract in the south of Shalkar. Daribay was an active participant in the national liberation movement led by Yesset Kotybarov. The mausoleum of Yeset-Daribai is a monument erected to the national batyr Yeset Kotybarov, who lived in the 19th century (1803-1889). It is located 65 km from the town of Shalkar. The first version of the mausoleum, built in 1890, was quadrangular, made of adobe and burnt bricks, decorated with a vault and patterned walls. However, it collapsed under the influence of time. In 1993, on the initiative of the Shalkar people, this mausoleum was rebuilt, taking into account modern architecture and graphics. If you look in the direction of the Kaaba, then on the right hand is the grave of Yesset, and on the left – his brother Daribai. In the center, between two mausoleums, there is a high, light minaret. The approaches to the mausoleum are paved with paving stones. Each grave (mausoleum) has kuliptases installed.