Mausoleum of Sakhabai Tama

The name of the monument: Mausoleum of Sakhabai Tama.

Typological affiliation: urban planning and architecture

Dating of the monument: Late 19th – early 20th centuries.

Location of the monument: Aktobe region, Aytekebi district, 16 kilometers east of the village of Akkol.

Historical information: The monument was first registered by the expedition of the Central Organ for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Kazakh SSR in 1983 under the leadership of SI Adzhigaliev. The data on which the mausoleum was compiled is not known.

Description and characteristics of the monument: The monument is a two-chamber adobe mausoleum with an entrance to the south-west. The structure of the monument is based on an insignificant stylobate, laid out of adobe bricks on clay mortar. The lancet opening leads into a rectangular vestibule, which is roofed with a dome on the corner trumpets. The tambour through a deep, solid opening is connected to a burial chamber, rounded in plan (diameter 7 m), which was originally covered with false domes (bricks inlet from a level of 1.0 m.) All surfaces of the interior of the mausoleum are plastered with clay mortar and whitewashed (into the chamber) to a height 2 m. There are no traces of burial due to the blockage. The preserved height is 6.25 m.