Mausoleum Zhalimbet

Object name and dating: Zhalimbet mausoleum, late XIX-early. XX centuries

Location: Aktobe region, Mugalzharsky district, 10 km east-north-east from the village. “Zhanazhol”.

Description: Portal-domed mausoleum, rectangular in plan, built of burnt bricks, adobe bricks on a foundation of household stone on mortar. The pylons have been preserved from the portal located on the southern facade. The skeleton of the building has developed corner structures, which are deep niches with conchs, which form independent chambers from the outside. A low wide drum with a dome of true masonry, which has a rather wide span, is also characteristic. Deep lancet niches are also arranged in the walls of the interior between the corner niches. The surface of the chamber was plastered and whitewashed; the soffits of the arches of the niches retained traces of the ornamental coloring of plant and geometric motifs in yellow and black paint.

The dimensions in the plan are 9.70 x 9.70 m, the remaining height is 6.00 m.