Memorial complex Kobylandy batyr

Kobylandy batyr is a historical hero, a brave warrior who fought against the Kalmyk invaders, the pride of the Kazakh people. For a considerable time he was considered a fictional character, a hero of epics and epics, referred to as the “karakypchak of Kobylandy”. Today it is known that Kobylandy batyr was a real person, a major military leader who lived in the 15th century, during the collapse of the Golden Horde. In his youth, he was close to Abulkhair Khan. The heroic epic of the Kazakh people “Kobylandy batyr” is dedicated to him, where the hero appears in the form of an invincible warrior. 

The memorial complex in honor of Kobylanda batyr is located in the village of Zhirenkopa and occupies an area of 2.06 hectares along the left bank of the river. Big Kobda. The complex consists of a mausoleum, a hall of fame and an obelisk. In appearance, it resembles a helmet with a shield and a bow next to it. The mausoleum has a height of 17.5 m, an inner diameter of 16 m. Around the mausoleum there are 29 blue lamps that represent menhirs and form a circle with a diameter of 78 m. From the outer edge of the menhirs to the entrance to the mausoleum, 20 balbals with a height of 2, faced with red granite slabs, are installed. The second half of the complex with a total area of 447.0 m2 in terms of the shape of a bow is located to the west of the mausoleum. The Hall of Fame, the hall and the administrative and utility rooms are located here. The complex also includes a kayraktas (whetstone) and a stone obelisk of the Sarmatian era, installed after the reburial of the batyr Koblandy. The mausoleum is located on the left bank of the Kobda River in the village of Zhirenkopa. The total area is 2.6 hectares.