Memorial complex of Koblandy Batyr

Form of monument: Sacral object

Date of monument: 2007

Location of monument: Aktobe oblast, Kobda region, Zhirenkopa village

Researches: The epic hero Koblandy Batyr is the proud of the Kazakh people. In ancient times there was a mausoleum where the hero was buried. About him was written in the works of V.V. Carlson in 1906, and later by Joseph-Antoine Castañer. The mausoleum was later destroyed, and in the early twentieth century it was a pile of rubble. In the fifties of the twentieth century the scientist Alcay Margulan visited the place of the mausoleum. At the end of the sixties, anthropologist Noel Shayakhmetov conducted excavations and planned to recreate a portrait of Kobylandy using Gerasimov’s method.

Brief description: The memorial complex consists of a mausoleum where Koblandy’s mortal remains are buried, a Hall of Glory and an obelisk. The top looks like a helmet with a shield and a bow placed nearby.

The main wall of the mausoleum is about 7 metres high and is built of red burnt bricks manufactured in Russia. The mausoleum is built in the form of a batyr’s helmet, to which 15 supports are connected along the perimeter. The height of the peshtak, located on the south-eastern side, is 5.0 m. The total height of the mausoleum is 17.5 m, diameter is 16.0 m. The total outer diameter of the mausoleum is 78.0 m. There are 29 lamps of blue colour around the round fence-shield, which represent menhirs. From the outer edge of the menhirs to the entrance to the mausoleum there are 20 balustrades of 2 m high, lined with red granite slabs.

The second half of the complex, with a total area of 447.0m2, is located to the west of the mausoleum and is in the shape of an onion. The Hall of Glory, the hall and the administrative rooms are located here. The complex also includes a kayraktas (sharpening stone) and a stone obelisk, installed after the reburial of Koblandy batyr. The total area of the complex, located on the bank of the Bolshaya Kobda River in the eastern part of the village of Zhirenkopa, is 2.06 hectare.

Legend: Koblandy Batyr – is the famous historical person, lived in XІV-XV centuries.