Memorial complex of Kobylandy batyr

Object name and date: memorial complex of Kobylandy batyr, 2007

Location: Aktobe region, Kobdinsky district, pos. Zhirenkopa, st. Koblandy batyr, 1 a .

Description: the memorial complex occupies an area of ​​2.06 hectares along the left bank of the river. Bolshaya Kobda flowing northeast of the village. Zhirenkopa. The Koblandy Batyr complex consists of a mausoleum, a Hall of Glory and an obelisk. In plan it resembles a helmet with a shield and a nearby bow.

The mausoleum was built of baked bricks, has a height of 17.5 m, an inner diameter of 16 m. From the southeastern side of the mausoleum there is an entrance-peshtak 5 m high.Around the mausoleum there are 29 blue lamps that represent menhirs and form a circle with a diameter of 78 m. The edges of the menhirs lead to the entrance to the mausoleum, faced with red granite slabs, 20 balbals 2 high.

The second half of the complex with a total area of ​​447.0 m 2 in the plan forming the shape of a bow is located to the west of the mausoleum. The Hall of Fame, the hall and the administrative rooms are located here. The complex also includes a kayraktas (whetstone) and a stone obelisk installed after the reburial of Koblanda’s batyr.

Architect: B. Ybyraev.