Monument-bust of Akkagaz Doszhanova

Name: Monument-bust of Akkagaz Doszhanova

Type of monument: Facilities of monumental art

Date of monument: 2016

Location: Aktobe region, Aktobe city, A.Doszhanov str., 68а, within the dormitory of Western Kazakhstan State Medical University.

Description of monument: Monument-bust of Akkagaz Doszhanov was casted bronze, the pedestal was made of full granite. Medicinal mark with snake was painted on pedestal. The plate containing name of Akkagaz Doszhanov and periods of her life were located below. Base of the monument – 1,64х1,64 m., pedestal – 71х71cm, the height of the sculpture pedestal is 3,9 meters. Sculptor: Zh. Zhubankosov.

Historical note: Akkagaz Doszhanova (1893-1932) was one of the first Kazakh woman – doctor. She was born in Turgay region. In 1914 she finished women’s gymnasium in Orenburg   and  that same year she entered the medical faculty of Higher women’s courses in Moscow. In May 1, 1917 she was a congress delegate of Muslims in Moscow. In 1921 she graduated from medical faculty of Turkestan People’s university in Tashkent. In 1928-1929 years she worked as a doctor at the women’s maternity clinic in Tashkent city. In 1932, at the age of 39 she died due to severe illness.