Monument – bust of K. Zhubanov

Name: Monument – bust of K. Zhubanov

Type of monument: Facilities of monumental art

Date of monument: 1999

Location: Aktobe region, A. Moldagulova avenue, 34, it located in front of the building of K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University

Description of monument: A monumental consists of the bust, pedestal and basement. It is right angled, three-tier with slightly elevated entrance opening from the southern part with additional building in form of stone stela, a ladder was installed from southern part.

Basement is made of black-grey marble, with openings for planting flowers with dimensions – 5,7 x 8,3 meters. Bust was made of grey marble, painted with black-blue color, with height of – 2 meter, weight – 2,5 tons. The weight of pedestal is – 16,5 tons, dimensions – 2 x 1, 2 x 1, 2 meters. Architect: А.Аzhgaliev, sculptor: Zh. Kenbay

Historical note: Kudaibergen Kuanovich Zhubanov (1899-1938) – is a first Kazakh scholar-of language, public and government leader, one of the organizers of Kazakh branch of Academy of Science of SSSR, a scientific founder of Kazakh science of language.

Kudaibergen Kuanovich Zhubanov was born in Kosuaktam area, just steps from Orkash village of Temir area, Ural region (presently called as Akzhar village of Mugalzhar district of Aktobe region). He got elementary education in local school established by his father, Kuan Zhubanov, then in 1914 – 1916 he studied at the «Khusainiya» medrese in Orenburg city. In 1928 he graduated from the Leningrad institute of modern oriental languages, in 1929 – 1932 he studied as a graduate of the Institute of oriental languages and Institute of language and thinking of SSSR Academy of sciences majoring in «Turkic and general language science». K.K. Zhubanov was fluent in Persian, Arabic,  German, Turkish, Mongolian, Georgian, Chuvash, Komi, Russian and Turkic languages.