Monument-bust of М. Маmetova

Name: Monument-bust of М. Маmetova

Type of monument: Facilities of monumental art

Date of monument: 2020

Location: Aktobe region, Aktobe city, Asau Barak str., within the territory of Aktober Higher Medical College named by Manshuk Mametova, a Hero of Soviet Union.

Description of monument: Monument-bust of Мanshuk Маmetova was cast in bronze, a pedestal was cast in entire granite. Basement of the monument is four-square, size is 3 meters 67 cm, height is 0,15 cm. Dimensions of pedestal are 1,33 х 1,33 cm, height is 2,45 cm. Total height of the statue for pedestal is 3,75 cm.

Historical note: Manshuk Zhiengalievna Mametova (1922 – 1943) a hero of Kazakh people who was awarded a rank of a Hero of Soviet Union. Manshuk spent her childhood and youth with her aunt, Amina Mametova in Almaty as she lost her parents at an early age. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War she studied at the Almaty Medical Institute. In August, 1942 she willingly joined Red Army and participated in battles as a member of the 21st  rifle division. Manshuk, a senior sergeant, machine-gunner in her group was distinguished by her accuracy and bravery in the battle. Manshuk  died like a hero operating a machine-gun until her breath stopped during decisive battle for Nevel city.