Monument – bust of N. Baiganin

Name: Monument  – bust of N. Baiganin

Type of monument: Town planning and architecture

Date of monument: 1977

Место расположения: Baiganin district, Karaulkeldi district, Barak batyr str., 52, in front of the Community center

Location: Bust is made of gypsum and coated with bronze paint, it was performed in national dress, head-dress – bork, holding dombyra – national musical instrument. It was installed on the right angled pedestal made of concrete and coated as marbled. Height of the bust is 2 meters. Sizes of the pedestal are 1,70 cm. x 0,80 cm. There is an inscription: «N. Baiganin» in Russian on the pedestal.

Architect: T. Djanysbekov, sculptor: V. Serkebayev.

Historical note: Nurpeis Baiganin (1860-1945) is a Kazakh folk akyn, honored artist of Kazakh SSR.

Since childhood Nurpeis leant towards poetry writing under the influence and support of his mother Umit, who sang and played dombyra. He acquainted to the art of akyns participated in aytis very early, he learnt folk heroical epic. Nurpeis was taking to during the fairs of Temir, Uil, Irgiz, Uralsk and performed the following epics: «Koblandy batyr», «Alpmays batyr», «Er Targyn», «Kyz Zhibek», «Aiman Sholpan». He joined poetic competitions with other akyns and   mostly he was  a winner.

Pre-revolutionary repertory of Baiganin is mostly epic poems beloved of people, poems about heroism, morality and honesty, fairness and goodness. In 1939 he was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Kazakh SSR  and in 1940 he was awarded an Order of the Badge of Honour.