Monument-bust of Sankibay batyr

Form of the monument: Monumental art object

Date of monument: 2014

Location: Aktobe city, at the crossroads of the Avenues of А. Moldagulova and Sankibai Batyr

Historical background: Sankibai was a batyr of the Kazakh people who lived in the 17th century, a contemporary of Abulkhair khan, Yeset batyr and Azhibay biy. He struggled for freedom and independence of Kazakh people. He supported the warriors led by Azhibay biy and Aral batyr during the eviction of the Kalmyks from the Volga and Urals regions, who tried to conquer the west of the Kazakh lands during the «Great Disaster».

Description of monument: The total height of the bust of Sankibay Batyr dressed in armour is 6.4 metres, the stylobate is 60 cm, the pedestal has three rows: first row – 1.5 metres, second row – 30 cm, third row – 1.9 metres. The height of the bust is 2.7 metres. The length and width of the stylobate is 7 metres. In the front view, there is a 4-step staircase, each step of which is 15 cm. First row of pedestal: length and width – 2.1 m. Second row of pedestal: length – 1.6 m, width – 1.5 m. Third row of the pedestal: length – 1.3 m, width – 1.2 m. 

The names of those who took part in constructing the monument are indicated on the pedestal. Sculptor Zhenis Zhubankosov.