Monument-obelisk “Cannon” in honor of the 312th rifle division and 101st rifle brigade

Type of monument: Monumental art structure    

Date of monument: 1985

Location: Aktobe city, Zh.Kereyev street

Historical information: The monument is dedicated to the formation of 312th Rifle division and 101st National brigade in Aktobe city. 312th Rifle division was formed in May 1942, its first appointed commander was A.F. Naumov. As part of the division were Aktobe communists and Komsomol members. In May 1942 the young generation of the 101st Rifle brigade at heightened rates learned the military program of K.E. Voroshilov in order to test the operational readiness and dispatch 101st Rifle brigade to the front line.  It gave a high assessment for operational readiness of the manpower.

Monument description: The monument is a type of architectural composition. Part of the wall is made of gray marble and red brick, representing the Kremlin wall and the flag. On pedestal a 7-meter training cannon ZIS-3 is installed. Size of the stylobate is 6.24×2.64×1.1 m and the wall is 9x4x0.64 (0.90). Memorial plaques are installed on both sides of the wall.