Monument-obelisk to the soldiers-internationalists

Name and date of the monument: monument-obelisk to the soldiers-internationalists. 2007
Location: Aktobe city, intersection of Eset Batyr Street and Abai Avenue.

Description: The monument is a symbol of the internationalist soldiers, at the top of which there is a five-pointed star, in the center of the tombstones made of solid pink granite, broken into two with dimensions – 0.5 mx 1.6 m, height – 4.5 m. In the lower part two dividing gravestones depicts a bronze flower 1.6 m high.Stone bedding measuring 2.65 mx 1.55 m, covered with pink granite, is installed on a foundation lined with light blue granite, measuring 6.1 mx 6 , 1 mx 0.3 m.

Sculptor G.R.Kenbai.