Monument-obelisk “Tuyetube” to victims of political repression in 1930-1950

Name and date of the monument: Monument-obelisk “Tuyetube” to the victims of political repression in 1930-1950. 1990 year.
Location: Aktobe, 6.5 km east of the village of Prigorodny.

Description: a stylobate, a platform and a monument are installed above the ground. The land has a staircase that climbs from both sides to the embankment. In the center of the embankment there is a stylobate (4x6x0.4 m) made of a cement block, faced with ceramic tiles, on which a stand made of a gray granite block (0.6x2x1 m) is installed. The height of the oval granite monolith, installed in the center of the pedestal, is 2.5 m, 1.5 m wide and 0.5 m thick. On the stone sign there is an inscription “To the victims of repression in 30-50 years from grateful descendants. Your death is innocent. Your memory is eternal ”.
Architect A. Azhigaliev.