Monument of Isatay Taimanov

Name: Monument of Isatay Taimanov

Type of monument: Facilities of monumental art

Date of monument: 2017

Location: Aktobe region, Khobda district, Khobda village, along the route Aktobe-Western Kazkahstan

Description of monument: A sculpture of Isatay Taimanov on the horse was casted in copper, it is located at the area of dimensions  – 25 х 70 meters. The sculpture height is – 4,5 meters, a pedestal consists of three rows and made of concrete and covered with granite. The first lower row: length is – 2,60 m, width is – 4,60 m, the second mean row: length is – 2,35 m, width is – 4,34 m, the third upper row: length is – 2,23 m, width is – 4,21 m. The height of the pedestal is – 4,55 m. Total height of the monument is – 9,05 m.

Architect: Nursultan Imashev, sculptor: Sabyr Kaerbayev.

Historical note: A self-sacrificing folk hero, Isatay Taimanuly was a political leader of   popular riot in the Western Kazkahstan in 1836 – 1838 years. Isatay Taimanuly was born in 1791 at the place of «Тaiman zhaly» on the sand of Taisoigan, Kyzylkoginsky district of Atyrau region. He is a descendant of Agatai batyr from berish tribe of the Younger zhuz Baiuly, who became famous during the  Jungaar invasion. Bokeikhan appointed  Isatay Taimanuly as a  leader of berish tribe in Zhaiyk, in 1812.