Monument of Kobylandy batyr

Name: Monument of Kobylandy batyr

Type of monument: Facilities of monumental art

Date of monument: 2017

Location: Aktobe region, Khobda district, Khobda village, on the road of Aktobe-Khobda

Description of monument: A sculpture of Kobylandy batyr on horseback casted in copper is located in an area with dimensions of 19 х 19 meters. The height of the sculpture is 4,5 m. Pedestal is made of iron construction and covered with granite slabs. The height of the pedestal is 5,2 m, length is 2,80 m, width is 4,1 m. Total height of the monument is  9,7 meters.

Architect: Nursultan Imashev, sculptor: Sabyr Kayerbayev.

Historical note: Kobylandy Toktarbaiuly (ХV century) is a  legendary folk batyr. Origin – Kypchak, among them is Kara Kypchak. He is often called as «Kara  – Kypchak Kobylandy» in stories kept in folk memory, in folk shejire. He was a main batyr of Abulkhair-khan, a founder of nomadic Uzbek government. According to this shejire, Kara  – Kypchak Kobylandy lived in the period of Abulkhair-khan (XV century) governance who was a descendant of Shaiban, a son of Djuchi khan and he was one of the famous khan commanders. It was Kobylandy batyr who was a reason for separation Kazakh khanate.