Monument of Sarke batyr

Name: Monument of Sarke batyr

Type of monument: Facilities of monumental art

Date of monument: 2019

Location: Aktobe region, Kargaly district, in the southern part of Kosestek village

Description of monument: A sculpture demonstrating Sarke batyr on the horse, a pike with tribe symbol of Zhagalbaily is held in his right hand. Horse equipage and batyr’s armament  was skillfully demonstrated in sculpture casted in copper. The pedestal was built of concrete and coated with granite. The length of the basement is 3,840 meters, width is 8 meters. The length of the pedestal is 2,070 meters, width is 4,580 meters. Total height of the monument is 8,210 meters.

Sculptor is А.Akhmetov.

Historical note: Sarke batyr Mendibekuly is one of the regular batyrs  from Zhagalbaily tribe, who fighted with numerous Jungaar troops during the bloodshed holding peak and bow , in the age of  so called «Аktaban shubyryndy», when the lowering clouds became thicker over Kazakh people. Sarke batyr was born in 1690, his real name is Mendibek Shonmurynuly.

Young age of batyr started from the period of the most famous Kazakh khan, Az-Tauke  and it was closely related with country governance by Abulkhair, a khan of the Younger zhuz. In 1716 Sarke batyr was distinguished with his heroism during the war of the Younger zhuz under the leadership of Bokenbay against Kalmyks and Kazakh people. He was one of the 25 batyrs among 25 tribe Alshyn people who stopped a huge Jungaar troops between holy rivers Irgiz and Turgai during the Jungaar invasion started in 1723 known as «Аktaban shubyryndy, Alakol Sulama», led by Tailak batyr.