Monument to Abilkayir Khan

Type of monument: Monumental art structure

Date of monument: 2000

Location: Aktobe city, Abilkayr Khan avenue, in front of the Akimat building of Aktobe region

Historical information: Abilkayr Khan Kazhisultanuly (1693-1748) is a famed commander of the Kazakh people, wise politician, visionary diplomat and statesman. He was a Khan of Junior Juz, who ruled from 1710 to 1748. In wars he became famous for his heroism, stratagem, ability to build a strategy for battles; he became Khan of Junior Juz not by inheritance, but his own abilities.

In the history of Kazakhstan the name Abilkayr is mentioned on a par with the famous Kazakh khans Zhanibek, Kerey, Haknazar, Kasym, Tauke and Abylai.

Abilkayr Khan is buried on the territory of Aitekebi district of Aktobe region.

Monument description: The monument consists of a complex composition: sculpture, pedestal, foundation and mound. The mound is in the form of soil embankment, the front part is framed with red granite steps. The foundation and pedestal are made of concrete blocks lined with rectangular granite.

The sculpture on the pedestal depicts Khan sitting on a horse. The sculptor depicted the commander in a difficult moment of danger hanging over the Kazakh people, before the battle with the Dzungars. The image of Khan is shown in the national clothes – he is dressed in a gown, has a hat on his head, boots with felt stockings on his feet, and a sword on his belt. The left hand holds the horse reins and the right hand is raised up, as if calling the people to unity and victory. On the left side of the pedestal is written “Abilkayr khan”.

The total height of the monument is 12,3 m, sculpture height – 2,8 m, pedestal length – 5,8 m, width – 2,1 m. 

Sculptor: E.Sergebayev.

Architect: B.Egimbayev.