Monument to Abulkhair Khan

Name and date of the monument: Monument to Abulkhair Khan, 2000
Location: Aktobe city, Abilkayir Khan avenue, in front of the building of the regional akimat.

Description: the monument consists of complex compositions: sculpture, stand, foundation and formwork. An earth embankment-hill, the front part is framed by a Red granite staircase. The foundation and bedding are made of concrete blocks faced with rectangular granite.
The pedestal depicts a khan sitting on a horse in national attire: a shapan, a borik hat, boots, and a sword on his belt. The left hand holds the horse, and the right hand goes up. “Abulkhair Khan” is written on the front of the pedestal.
The total height of the monument is 12.3 m, the height of the sculpture is 2.8 m, the length of the pedestal is 5.8 m, the width is 2.1 m. The pedestal is made of Kordai granite.