Monument to smelters of ferrous metallurgy

Form of monument: Monumental art object

Date of monument: 1966

Location: Aktobe city, Aktobe ferrous alloys plant (AFAP)

Description of the monument:

The monument consists of three parts- the stylobate, the pedestal and the monument. Above the stylobate there is a stand and a monument to the worker-smelter of ferrous metallurgy. The monument is made of bronze. The smelter has represented in working clothes, holding a strap with his right hand and a working tool with his left. The stylobate and stand are covered with ceramic tiles.

To the right of the monument, on the facade of the office building of the Ferroalloy plant of Aktobe in 1966 placed a memorial board to the hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Georgievich Kozenkov the Text of the Board: “on the construction of the Ferroalloy plant worked Heroes in 1940-41. of the Soviet Union Kozenkov V. G.”.