Monument to Tleu Batyr

One of the most important episodes of celebration of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate in Aktobe in 2015 was the opening of a monument to the great commander of the Aktobe land Tleu batyr. The statue of a batyr riding a horse was installed in the park at the intersection of Abulkhair Khan Avenue and Tleu Batyr Street. The monument was created by the famous sculptor from Shymkent Abikarim Akhmetov. According to him, all the work was carried out manually from Kazakhstani materials. A distinctive feature of the statue is that it is not cast from bronze, but forged from copper. The total height of the monument is 10 m, and the mass is 1.5 tons. Tleu batyr is a hero of the war with the Dzungars, a vivid example of military valor. He became famous for his military deeds during the reign of Tauke Khan and died heroically in 1684 at the Battle of Sairam. The batyr’s ashes rest in the city of Turkestan near the walls of the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui.