Monument to Tleu Batyr

Form of monument: Monumental art object

Date of monument: 2015

Location: Aktobe city, at the crossing stree of Tleu batyr and Abilkhair khan Avenue

Historical background: Tleu Batyr Aituly was born in 1630. He was a contemporary of Tauke Khan. The name of the hero is directly associated with the battle of Sairam. Tleu Batyr was killed in a battle near Sairam in 1684, when he commanded an army of 17 thousand men of the Younger Juz. Tleu Batyr is buried near the mausoleum of Hodzha Ahmed Yassaui.

Description of the monument: The sculpture of Tleu Batyr with a sword in his hand is installed on a pedestal with a size of 6.51×4.2 metres. The monument, decorated with Kazakh ornaments, smartly shows the image of the batyr in full armour.

Sculptor A. Akhmetov.