Mountain Akbota-Sankibay

Name: Mountain Akbota-Sankibay

Type of monument: Sacral object

Location: Aktobe region,Baiganin district, 45 km from Miyala village.

Description of monument: These two separatelarge white chalk mountains located in 45 km from Miyala and Togalay sandstone rock of Baiganin district. Natural monument occupies territory of 10 ha, it is located at a height of 200 meters above sea level. On the one hand, the chalk mountain reminds a young camel, on the other hand it looks like white snow vessel located on the flat surface, floating on the water surface.

Historical note:  As legend has it, Sankibay lived in the ХVIII century, who possesses a herd of the fast horses. According to tradition, at that time the men of aul annually visited  Abilkhair khan. Kalmyks attacked aul and stole the cattle using the absence of soldiers. Akbota, a brave daughter of Sankibay  gathered the youth and rushed off to pursuit. Akbota was seriously injured during the fall with enemy and died. But she gave back to aul. Due to grief Sankibay hardened into stone next to his daughter upon knowing this disaster. Since, inaccessible rock  describing the merge of two bodies was called as Akbota-Sankibay.