Necropolis Abat-Baytak

Object name and dating: Abat-Baytak necropolis: mausoleum, kulpytasy. XIV-XX centuries.

Location: Aktobe region, Kobdinsky district, 12 km south of the village. Taldysay.

Description: Necropolis Abat-Baitak, dating back to the XIV-XX centuries, is located in the Khobdinsky district of the Aktobe region, 12 km south of the village. Taldysay. The monument has more than 200 memorial architectural structures, mainly stone-cut stelae-kulpytases, and is the largest in the northern part of the Aral-Caspian region. The name of the complex was given by the Abat-Baytak mausoleum – an outstanding monument of medieval architecture, one of the few burnt-brick mausoleums with a conical “hipped-roof” dome preserved in the region.

In 2004-2006. the mausoleum of Abat-Baytak was restored.